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Mast Arm Extension

Clamped or Strapped

The mast arm extension is a great money saver. This piece of equipment is used for extending your signal out from the end of your mast arm. If you add a turn lane or bicycle lane to your intersection, the signal can still be lined up with the lane by extending the signal out up to 5 feet, thus avoiding the cost of a new mast arm.

  • Extend a signal out up to 5 feet

  • May be clamped or strapped to the end of the mast arm

  • Install any signal hardware mounting device.

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant

Mast Arm Extension.jpg


Save time and money by utilizing a mast arm extension.

Strap two way end plan view 6_edited.jpg
With FB angle 32D.jpg
Mast Arm Extension.jpg

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