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Mast Arm Dampener

The damper mount is a device used for dampening the bouncing from harmonics caused by wind vortex shedding. It is intended for use on longer mast arms to reduce or eliminate harmonic bouncing caused by the wind, but it can also be used to steady shorter mast arms that have cameras or other sensitive equipment. Instructions for installing our mast arm damper are supplied with every order and must be followed for proper placement to allow proper airflow.

  • Stabilize bouncing mast arms

  • Static Dampener with no moving parts for longevity

  • Designed to counteract vortex shedding

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant

Damper sm.jpg


Aerodynamic Dampening to Address Galloping Mast Arms

Vortex Shedding

Vortex shedding harmonics cause mast arms to bounce. Installing our aerodynamic mast arm dampener will address this phenomenon.


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