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Camera or AOB mounting

The KBR hub is designed for new construction or retrofitting for Emergency Vehicle Pre-emptive (EVP) detectors on mast arms, poles and other supporting members. The KBR Hub meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) 370-17b for grounding requirements. The KBR Hub can be field located using the supplied removable template for the best-intended use before attaching to the supporting member. No welding, sand blasting, or painting of the supporting member is required from the installation of the KBR Hub. Since it is a standard female ¾” or 1” pipe thread, this hub can be used for several other applications, i.e. cameras, banners, signs etc. The captive fasteners require a setting tool available from Frey Manufacturing Corporation or your local tool supplier. The KBR hub comes packaged with casting, gasket, bushing, captive fasteners, bolt sets, hole template and instructions. Drawings and additional information is available from Frey Manufacturing Corp. The KBR and KBR1 hubs are stock items.

  • Mount Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emptive Detectors

  • 3/4" or 1" hub options

  • Install for any purpose

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant



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