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Open-End Angle Mount Plumbizer

Assembly:  45VA

We have developed the 45VA Open End Angle Plumbizer for use with the McCain programmable, and other standard manufacturer’s signals. The 2” hole in the mounting point provides the proper room for wiring and mounting bolts that are required to mount this signal to the plumbizer. This plumbizer provides the same ball and socket mounting to the flange on your pole or mast arm. It is also able to be mounted to our adapters. Various accessories are also available for this plumbizer such as the Sealed Cap and LPK mounting kit for regular signals.

  • Ball-in-socket design for easy signal aiming

  • Bolted design for little to no maintenance

  • Can be mounted anywhere with accompanying adaptor

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant



Clean-Looking Signal Mounting


Overhead Traffic Signal Mounting

This plumbizer is designed to mount signals overhead on the end of the mast arm. Designed to mount to an existing hub at the end of the mast arm, this signal mount is ready to ensure optimal visibility for motorists.


Multiple Signal Heads

One plumbizer for all signal head arrangements. The load on this plumbizer allows for a wide range of signal arrangements. From a single pedestrian signal head or a six stacked signal arrangement, this plumbizer has been designed to meet your signal mounting specifications.


Vertical Pole Mounting

If you need to mount a signal head arrangement in any location, this plumbizer is very adaptable. This plumbizer was designed to mount on any surface - including walls and other flat surfaces. If you have a stand-alone signal arrangement, this is a reliable option.


Low Maintenance Locations

We have designed our plumbizers to bolt to a flange. This means there is virtually no maintenance after the initial install. Many other plumbizers rely on clamping set-screws which will loosen over time. Our plumbizer is designed to stand the life of the intersection.

Third Party Load Tested

We want to ensure the installers have a reliable baseline to load each arrangement. We have load tested the 45VA at third party labs to have an unbiased review of its load capacity. This plumbizer is rated for approximately 1,250 pounds of load prior to failure. This ensures that if the traffic signal is struck by a vehicle, the plumbizer will break prior to twisting the mast arm - resulting in a low cost and quick reinstallation of the incident.

Load testing results in reliability for the installer, and safety for the motorists and pedestrians.


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