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Threaded Hub

Assembly:  45B or 45BE

The 45B is for adapting a plumbizer to a mast arm pole by using an 1 1/2 “ nipple threaded into the pole. It make for a very clean look on the mast arm pole without the use of pipes holding signals. When using the 52CA cluster adapter the 45B Extended (45BE) must be used to allow enough clearance for rotational adjustment. The 45BE uses a 3” nipple for the extra clearance.

  • Very clean look for mast arm mounting

  • For pre-welded hubs on mast arms

  • Ready to mount a plumbizer

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant



Overhead & Vertical Signal Head Mounting at Pre-Designated Locations

45B mounted 1.jpg

Installation Instructions


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