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Strapped Hub

Assembly:  32D

The Strapped Hub Adapter is designed is for adapting a plumbizer to a mast arm or pedestrian pole by strapping to a pole where there is not a welded 1 ½” threaded hub to accept the 45B. It is attached with two straps 1 1/2” wide and come 40” long for field cutting to the appropriate length. The straps also have holes for a grounding bolt to be drilled and tapped to maintain the NEC ground. (Strapping to a painted surface is not an NEC ground)

  • Install anywhere on a signal pole

  • Install anywhere on an overhead mast arm

  • Provides proper NEC grounding requirements

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant



Overhead & Vertical Signal Head Mounting Locations

32D Strap Assembly.jpg

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