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Saddle Adapter

To Extend an APS Pushbutton

The saddle adapter has been designed primarily for the use of making APS switches ADA compliant by extending your APS out 2 1/2”. This makes the APS face vertical with your existing base allowing the handicapped easy accessibility. We cannot carry kits for every type of button but would be glad to help you with your situation if you have something specific. The Saddle Adapter comes anodized but is also available with no finish as well. The Saddle Adapter can also be used on the 22PMAG Pole Mounting Adapter to extend the APS even further out from the pole.

  • Make a pushbutton ADA compliant

  • Extends APS 2-1/2"

  • May be used in tandem with a Pole Mounting Adapter (22PMAG)

  • Buy America, Build America (BABA) Compliant

Saddle Adapter.png


Saddle adapters PN.jpg
Saddle adapters PO.jpg

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